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The Green Issue: Life and death — from green sex toys to an eco-funeral

Published April 14, 2010 LIFE Now, we all know how life begins. When mommy and daddy love each other very …

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Talking’ health care: Listening to what locals have to say about new health care legislation

Published March 31, 2010 With all the misinformation and rumors flying around about the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, …

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ShamWow: How Shamrock owner Derek Anderson is helping turn around east Ringling Boulevard

Published March 10, 2010 St. Patrick’s Day Block Party Starts at 9 a.m. Wed., March 17, The Shamrock, 2257 Ringling …

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What next? Two new local alcohols emerge

Published Dec. 29, 2009 DRINK The story: Two new local alcohol producers come on the scene: Drum Circle Distilling with Siesta Key Rum, …

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What next? Friends throw a benefit for Eddie Sager

Published Dec. 29, 2009 CHARITY The story: A benefit called the “Kidney Koncert” is held for Eddie Sager on Nov.29 to …

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What next? A Sarasota karate instructor invents Handi-Capabale Karate

Published Dec. 29, 2009 SPORTS The story: Shihan Donna Judge of Suncoast Karate Dojo launches Handi-Capable Karate, a DVD series thatteaches karate to …

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Eddie Sager may not have health insurance, but he has plenty of friends, and they’re helping him fight cancer with a charity concert this Sunday

Published Nov. 23, 2009   “It could have been a really ugly situation, and it’s turned into a really beautiful …

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Booze local: Two new ways to get your hands on locally produced hooch

Published Nov. 9, 2009 The Suncoast has never been known as a haven for alcohol producers, and until recently locally …

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As the Sarasota Film Society celebrates two decades of its popular annual film festival, Cine-World, we take a look at three of this weekend’s big features

Published Nov. 3, 2009 A still from Delta Rising, which will be screened at Burns Court Cinemas at 5:45 p.m. Sun., …

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Videos from Vern Buchanan’s health care town hall/Obama bashing in Bradenton

Aug. 21, 2009 I got a little backstage pass to Rep. Vern Buchanan’s August 20″town hall meeting” in Bradenton, which was …

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Wanna open a bar in Sarasota? Get ready to fill out some paperwork

Aug. 7, 2009 Alex Amaro (pictured above) decided to roll the dice and lease the empty space at 1413 Main Street …

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2009 Drinking Guide: Cracker Jacks Pub

Jun. 30, 2009 CRACKER JACKS PUB The Basics: 4116 Bee Ridge Road, Sarasota, 377-0666

Signature Drink(s): Sarasota Apple Most friendliest …

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2009 Drinking Guide: Crazy Ted’s

Jun. 30, 2009 CRAZY TED’S The Basics: 5897 Whitfield Ave., Sarasota, 358-9861

Signature Drink(s): Key Lime Pie, Fat Pussy Most …

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2009 Drinking Guide: T-Katz

Jun. 29, 2009 T-KATZ The Basics: 2920 Beneva Road, Sarasota, 924-0283 or

Signature Drink(s): Krusovice on tap (Czech Republic beer) …

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2009 Drinking Guide: Entersection Bar & Grill

Jun. 28, 2009 ENTERSECTION BAR & GRILL The Basics: 3655 Webber St., Ste. B, Sarasota, 923-4785 or

Signature Drink(s): Shiner …

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2009 Drinking Guide: The Clubhouse Tavern

Jun. 28, 2009 THE CLUBHOUSE The Basics: 3824 S. Tuttle Ave., Sarasota, 924-5103 or

Signature Drink(s): Clubhouse Cooler Most friendliest …

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2009 Drinking Guide: BC’s Recovery Room

Jun. 27, 2009 BC’S RECOVERY ROOM The Basics: 2119 Siesta Drive, Sarasota, 364-8653 or

Signature Drink(s): Narragansett tall boys Most …

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2009 Drinking Guide: Hoosier Bar & Grill

Jun. 26, 2009 HOOSIER BAR & GRILL The Basics: 748 S. Tamiami Trail, Osprey, 966-1251

Signature Drink(s): Duck fart Most …

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2009 Drinking Guide: Red Barn

Jun. 25, 2009 RED BARN The Basics: 2058 Bee Ridge Road, Sarasota, 922-7855

Signature drink(s): The tea bag Most friendliest …

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2009 Drinking Guide: The Shamrock

Jun. 24, 2009 THE SHAMROCK The Basics: 2257 Ringling Blvd., Sarasota, 952-1730 or

Signature Drink(s): Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA …

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2009 Drinking Guide: Peggy’s Corral

Jun. 23, 2009 PEGGY’S CORRAL The Basics: 4511 U.S. 41 N., Palmetto, 729-5442 or

Signature Drink(s): Renegade Bloody Mary Most …

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Q&A: Chatting with environmental warrior Summer Benson

Apr. 24, 2009 Summer Benson worked as a registered nurse for 32 years until she decided to walk the green …

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