The Blue Rooster

Blue Rooster LogoThe Blue Rooster is an upscale southern comfort food restaurant, bar and live music venue in downtown Sarasota. I helped to open the joint working as their in-house public relations specialist, digital marketing guru and graphic designer.

Check out the restaurant’s Grand Opening Press Release for a sample of my marketing copy, or click on the thumbnails below to view PDFs of my design work.

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Food & Drink Menus

  • TBR Sept. Postcard (revised-9_2)
  • TBR Oct. Postcard

  • TBR Drink Menu 13-03-04

  • TBR Drink Menu (9-21)
  • TBR Happy Hour Menu 13-03-04
  • TBR Late Menu (Revised July 1)

Newspaper ads

  • Blue Rooster Ticket Ad (Oct. 24)

  • TBR Ticket Ad (Feb. 21)(1)

  • TBR Ticket Ad (Summer Specials)

  • TBR Ticket Ad (April 11)
  • Suncoast Blues Ad (Revised)

  • TBR Ticket Ad (Feb. 21)

  • TBR Food & Wine Ad (4.93 X 4.81)

Weekly Show Fliers

  • TBR Music Poster (Oct. 8-13)
  • TBR Music Poster (Mar. 26-31)

  • TBR Music Poster (Mar. 19-24)

  • TBR Music Poster (June 4-9)

  • TBR Music Poster (Oct. 22-27)

  • TBR Music Poster (April 2-7)

  • TBR Music Poster (Feb. 20-24)

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